Thursday, January 19, 2012

From Jakarta to Epic Java

Hi, i want you to meet my cool and talented friend: Febian Nurahman Saktinegara
He is the man who made a cool video called "Merangkum Jakarta, A Journey trough Jakarta" . This video has won some awards like:

- 10 shortlisted film and 5 nominees at "SBM Golden Lens", Erasmus Huis, Jakarta.
- Special artist at "2011 ASEAN-Korea Multimedia Competition", Gallery LOOP, Korea.
- "Bazaar Art 2011", GF Pacific Place, Jakarta.
- “Sinemars”, Blitz Megaplex, PVJ, Bandung.
- “Voice Of Young Indonesian Filmmakers”, @america, Pacific Place, Jakarta.
- Marion Bloem's Vrijheid-Freedom-Libertad project

Cool, right? And now I'm really happy to tell you that he comes back with another journey through Java, capturing epic side of Java, still with his SLR camera. He showed me this amazing teaser of his work and told me that he still trying to find someone who wants to donate some money to make this movie finish. So, please click the link above and watch the teaser. Hopefully anyone of you get interested in his work and want to invest on this movie. Enjoy and thank you :)