Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Moment of Weakness

Agency: Leo Burnett India
Brand / Service: Welfare Of Homeless Kids
Client: Saathi
Creative Director: Nitesh Tiwari
Copywriter: Piyush Gupta / Shreyas Jain
Producer: Lingo India
Category: Radio

(Kid in pain)

Kid pretends as father: Is it hurting a lot?

Kid as son: Hmm...

Kid pretends as father: Good, you deserve it. Why did you steal?

Kid as son: I was hungry.

Kid pretends as father: I bet all the beating has filled up your stomach nicely. Tell me... if you were really that hungry, why didn't you ask someone?

Kid as son: Because I know no one wouldn't helped.

Kid pretends as father: Shut up! First you screw up and then you give me these lame excuses. Is this what I taught you, tell me why did you steal from Gafoor's shop?

Kid as son: What did I know that Gafoor will catch me.

Kid pretends as father: You put your hand in a snake's hole and then expect the snake to kiss you on your cheek. Now if you really wanted to steal, why didn't you pick that blind man instead, who would have caught you there?

Kid as son: I never thought about it.


Kid pretends as father: Forget it... Go and quickly get the medicine from Phatka or else you'll have an infection.

Kid as son: Hmm..

Kid pretends as father: And listen.. next time be a little cautious.

Kid as son: Okay.

FVO: Millions of street kids are parents to themselves. To help them call Saathi on 230009117