Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cooking Saturday: Strawberry I Scream

Hello, how was your weekend?

I was so busy giving my sisters and my nephew a city tour. Therfore, I apologize for this late post. This post is supposed to be publish yesterday.

Just a quick update, I decided to add the theme "Cooking Saturday" to this blog so I can regularly post my cooking experiment every weekend.

On this Cooking Saturday, I made a cute dessert I called Strawberry I Scream

I don't know if this considered as "cooking" or not because I just grabed straberries and filled them with vanilla ice cream hehehe. Anyway I made this cute dessert for my little sister. She ordered Strawberry Ice Cream when we had dinner together last Friday night and she really love it! Sadly, there was only 3 straberries and she had to share with me :p

The restaurant made strawberry ice cream

So before we went home, I bought a pack of straberries and vanilla ice cream. Yup I decided to remake the dessert so my sister can eat more of it :)

After minutes of cutting and filling...I heard my self scream "Strawberry!!!!!!"

Frozen and messy, my home made strawberry I scream
My sister said the taste is different from the real one, but it still delicious anyway. :D

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