Friday, January 24, 2014

GIVE AWAY from Beautykorea!!

I just did some blog walking and found an interesting offer from BEAUTYKOREA: A GIVE AWAY!!

I love give away, there is a good feeling that only appear when I join a give away. Maybe that's what you feel when you gamble, but I don't know. I just love to get a chance to win something and waiting for the result. 

Somehow it's just like a life, you get a chance, you take it, but you don't know what will happen next. Random things happen. Some time you win, some time you learn - that you can't be a winner all the time even if you try so hard for it. That's how life works and that's how a give away works too, only when you failed you don't suffer too much. It's fun!

So... do you want to give it a try?
Just click HERE and start wishing. Good luck :*

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